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Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating Hits the Mark

Spring is on the horizon in the northland. The changing seasons are always a good time to consider replacing your heating or cooling systems.  Jaga Radiation low temperature heating hits the mark for new concepts in hydronic heating and cooling systems. These systems compound the efficiency of condensing boilers and low-temperature heating. Jaga offers traditional low-volume hydronic heating units, as well as models that both heat and cool.

We had  a great visit from Cyrus Kangarloo, Jaga Radiation’s North American Operations Manager this week. Cyrus and Randy met with eight firms, and put on a well attended Lunch + Learn.

With both heating and cooling hydronic options, Jaga is an amazing and efficient technology. It’s perfect for both residential and commercial projects in our climate.

Jaga Radiation visits Meteek Supply

Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating North American Operations Manager, Cyrus Kangarloo, visits Meteek Supply, Duluth, Minnesota

Versatility, efficiency and cutting edge design

Look at the Briza for wall-mounted heating, cooling, and ventilation. Briza is a climate unit hybrid. It provides comfortable heat in the winter and refreshing cooling in summer.  It also enables optimum indoor climate throughout the year. It’s flexible enough for wall recession, or ceiling-mounting if necessary.

Jaga’s Clima Canal for in-floor heating and cooling is powerful enough to warm and cool window walls to keep you comfortable. Silent and unobtrusive, Clima Canal provides the best possible climate comfort.

Jaga’s Strada for diverse wall-mounted heating solutions, provides warm power with cutting-edge design. A sleek front in combination with the vertical lines of the sturdy grille: you simply can’t get enough of looking at Strada. Look behind the cabinet and discover the Low-H20 technology, which makes Strada the most economical radiator.  And with Dynamic Boost Effect technology, efficiency is vastly augmented at an extremely quiet 35 dB.

Many other beautiful and efficient designs are available!

Jaga Clima Canal

Jaga’s Clima Canal is silent and unobtrusive, yet powerful enough to provide the best possible climate comfort.

Jaga Radiation Cyrus Kangarloo presenting

Cyrus Kangarloo presenting

Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating - 4

Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating - 5



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