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Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating Hits the Mark

Spring is on the horizon in the northland. The changing seasons are always a good time to consider replacing your heating or cooling systems.  Jaga Radiation low temperature heating hits the mark for new concepts in hydronic heating and cooling systems. These systems compound the efficiency of condensing boilers and low-temperature heating. Jaga offers traditional low-volume hydronic heating units, as well as models that both heat and cool.

We had  a great visit from Cyrus Kangarloo, Jaga Radiation’s North American Operations Manager this week. Cyrus and Randy met with eight firms, and put on a well attended Lunch + Learn.

With both heating and cooling hydronic options, Jaga is an amazing and efficient technology. It’s perfect for both residential and commercial projects in our climate.

Jaga Radiation visits Meteek Supply

Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating North American Operations Manager, Cyrus Kangarloo, visits Meteek Supply, Duluth, Minnesota

Versatility, efficiency and cutting edge design

Look at the Briza for wall-mounted heating, cooling, and ventilation. Briza is a climate unit hybrid. It provides comfortable heat in the winter and refreshing cooling in summer.  It also enables optimum indoor climate throughout the year. It’s flexible enough for wall recession, or ceiling-mounting if necessary.

Jaga’s Clima Canal for in-floor heating and cooling is powerful enough to warm and cool window walls to keep you comfortable. Silent and unobtrusive, Clima Canal provides the best possible climate comfort.

Jaga’s Strada for diverse wall-mounted heating solutions, provides warm power with cutting-edge design. A sleek front in combination with the vertical lines of the sturdy grille: you simply can’t get enough of looking at Strada. Look behind the cabinet and discover the Low-H20 technology, which makes Strada the most economical radiator.  And with Dynamic Boost Effect technology, efficiency is vastly augmented at an extremely quiet 35 dB.

Many other beautiful and efficient designs are available!

Jaga Clima Canal

Jaga’s Clima Canal is silent and unobtrusive, yet powerful enough to provide the best possible climate comfort.

Jaga Radiation Cyrus Kangarloo presenting

Cyrus Kangarloo presenting

Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating - 4

Jaga Radiation Low Temperature Heating - 5



Q-railing Now Available at Meteek Supply

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We welcome Q-railing to Meteek Supply!

We are excited to offer the beautiful design, amazing tolerances and impeccable quality of Q-railing, a German company producing railing systems in a range of styles. From glass balustrades to interchangeable stainless-steel components, the family of Q-railing systems can add an exquisite touch to any project; indoors or out, commercial or residential.

Meteek Supply Opening Q-Railing Boxes


Here we are unpacking our first shipment of beautiful stainless steel railing components. Like jewelry for buildings, the quality of Q-railing is evident in the precise machining and lovely finish on all parts we received.

Contact us for inspiration and information, and to see samples of the Q-railing line.

Meteek Supply & Q-Railing




Rubio Tuesday

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We had a great turnout this past Tuesday and a good time with Johannes, learning about the benefits of Rubio Monocoat and the tricks of coloring and treatment options. Thank you Johannes for coming by!



Rubio Monocoat Training at Meteek Supply!

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Rubio Monocoat Training at Meteek Supply is coming up on Tuesday November 29, 2016. Johannes Boonstra will be on hand for a lunch-time training session on Rubio Monocoat, an amazing no-VOC wood treatment. Bring questions! Lunch included.


Rubio Monocoat Training Session at Meteek Supply - 1

Johannes Boonstra to present at Meteek Supply

Developed in Belgium, Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a next-generation finish that colors and protects your wood in one single layer. With no VOCs, this is a safe and durable product for any wood finishing need, from children’s furniture to wooden flooring.

For indoor applications on wood, Oil Plus 2C is a dual component product. It consists of RMC Oil Plus (A) and RMC Accelerator (B).  The combination of the oil and the accelerator ensures a quick dry, quick cure and superior protection.

Due to its advanced molecular bonding technology, Rubio Moncoat offers long lasting protection.  Surfaces treated are easy to maintain. Through this molecular bonding, less product is needed in application.  Surplus product will no longer be accepted by the wood, so overlaps or starting marks are avoided.

This results in a durable coloring and protection in one single layer.  The unique oil pigment technology allows an intense and deep coloring in one coat, without compromising the natural look and feel of the wood.

Rubio Monocoat oil doesn’t contain any water or solvents an is based on natural ingredients.  This means that the product is very safe to use, but equally safe for your environment.


Rubion Monocoat Training Session at Meteek Supply - 2

Rubio Monocoat protects and colors your wood in one single layer.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, 218-481-7440

See you there!

Let the outside in with LaCantina

Connect your lifestyle to the outdoors with large-opening windows and doors from LaCantina.

LaCantina top-hung folding and multi-slide door systems use the highest quality rolling hardware and robust panel and frame designs, providing smooth and effortless operation unmatched by other large opening door systems. LaCantina offers door systems to custom fit any opening, both commercial and residential.

A variety of sill configurations is available, including ADA compliant sills for both interior and exterior applications. Featuring Cardinal Glass, LaCantina has the ability to match any door and window package to meet energy code requirements. The range of glass options provide the highest level of comfort and savings year-round.

LaCantina Doors’ screening systems were the first to be designed specifically to complement large openings. Offering a choice of pleated and non-pleated integrated screening solutions, these screening systems ensure you never have to compromise your experience with the outdoors.


Neil Architecture

Neil Architecture




Introducing Siga Fabrics and Adhesive Tapes

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In 2014 we attended Fensterbau in Nurenberg, Germany, looking for the cutting edge in building fabrics and tapes. We found SIGA, and are now a supplier of SIGA building fabrics and tapes.

SIGA is a family-owned Swiss company that produces rain-proof and diffusion-open breathable membranes suitable for creating a permanently wind-tight building envelope. It can be used for between and above-rafter insulation and for rear-ventilated (rainscreen) facades. Driving rain resistance of Majcoat and SIGA accessories has been proven by the Techical University of Berlin.

There are three types of membranes in the line; a roof membrane (Majcoat), a facade membrane (Majvest) and a vapor control layer for interior walls (Majpell 5). Various tapes are available to pair with the fabrics in order to create a permanent, air-tight building shell and a durable rain-proof and wind-tight building envelope.

Come on by or drop us a line if you would like to put your hands on fabric and tape samples! Comments from contractors we have already supplied include kudos on the quality of the fabric and tenacity of the tapes.

Siga_House_sm Siga_Window_sm


Intro to WUFI event April 30, 2015

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Intro to WUFI: Moisture Modeling for Construction
Thursday April 30, 2015

5:00 – 7:30 pm
Cost: $15, includes meal
4218 Enterprise Circle, Duluth, MN 55811

We are hosting an Intro to WUFI event with presenter Dave Bryan. Dave is a registered architect specializing in energy conservation, with 30 years of design experience. He now specializes in building construction consulting and has been using WUFI for ten years.

Dave will talk about designing highly-insulated moisture-resilient wall assemblies to control moisture risk, using WUFI to understand options and outcomes. There will be presentation sessions before and after we eat, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Building science is becoming more important to our industry–come join the conversation!

RSVP to Randy at 218-343-7332 — see you there!


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